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Customer Projects

See what some of our customers are up to:

Our customer Pat Passalacqua sent us these pictures of a train he makes for family and friends! Here, he tells us a bit about the the wood he uses, the process of building and he also includes the items he used from American Woodcrafters Supply Co.  Thank you Pat!!



I began making these years ago from pieces of hardwood left over from other projects. I used various banister cut-offs for the engine. 

Each of my seven grand-daughters has one as well as children of close friends. 

It has become a tradition to give them at Christmas time. 

The majority of the wood is oak, maple, cherry and mahogany.

I mix and match various woods for different parts of the train. This makes each unique in its own way.  Some pieces are ½ inch thick, while the majority are ¾ inch thick.

For safety reasons, all parts are glued together and secured with wooden 1/8 inch or ¼ inch dowels. No nails or screws are used. 

I also personalize each train by using RUB ON, DRY TRANSFER LETTERS. I layout the name of the child on side of the boiler and transfer each letter to the wood. I burnish the name before applying the first coat of finish as per the letters directions.





WH-150 1 ½” WHEELS

WH-100 1” WHEELS



We have some very generous customers who use their talents to make others happy!  
Take a look at what they make and how they give joy to others!

We would like you to meet our customer, Clyde Fogle.  Clyde makes thousands of toys for Operation Christmas Child.

If you have ever packed a box for this organization, you might know how Clyde feels to help make so many children happy at Christmas!  Please follow this link from Samaritan's Purse to meet Clyde:

The Annapolis Woodworkers Guild finds that in addition to making toys for many charities, there are benefits to the woodworkers as well. You can follow this link to keep up with their new projects:


The group meets every Monday.  They work from 8:30 to 11:30.  Over the lunch hour they visit with each other and then get back to production. 

They have made small cars, small trucks, larger semis, airplanes, pickup trucks, boxes, whale-shaped crayon holders, puzzles and doll beds.  With the help of The Annapolis Quilters Guild, bedding and quilts were made for each doll bed.

One of the benefits of the Guild for the members is meeting and enjoying people.  It provides a camaraderie with fellow woodworkers. One of the members tells us another benefit is that it trains people with woodworking skills. 

In Christmas 2017, they made over 2,200 toys for many charities in the area. 

An issue of their newsletter, says:

"If you are not a member of a toy workshop, you might consider starting or joining one.  Each one of us learns something new each time we meet.  You will be surprised at what you will receive from being involved."

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