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9" Butter Knife Fan Sticks

9" Butter Knife Fan Sticks
SKU: FAN-200
Weight: 1.00 lbs

We carry 8" wavy fan holders, wavy fan sticks and 9" butter knife fan holders.  These wooden fan holders help you make great wedding programs and church bulletins.  Fan sticks also help make hand held fans for those hot days of summer.  Fan sticks, wooden fan holders can be used for a variety of projects. 

A good way to attach these to your program or advertising is to use double stick tape!


Butter Knife Fan Sticks
9" x 1"


1 Pkg. of 12 Pcs.        -       3.25
1 Pkg. of 100 Pcs.      -     17.75
1 Pkg. of 500 Pcs.      -     78.50
1 Pkg. of 1000 Pcs.    -   131.75
1 Pkg. of 10000 Pcs.  - 1189.50

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