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Olson® Bandsaw Blades

Olson® Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blades by Olson, 80" fits Sears Craftsman® 12". 93-1/2" fits Delta® and Rockwell® 14" models.

Hard edge flex back bandsaw blades designed for industry and the professional craftsman. These are not to be confused with light duty standard blades. Thicker gauge steel provides for longer blade life. Tooth hardness 62-63 RC. Back hardness 28-32 RC for maximum flexibility.

Regular Tooth
The most commonly used tooth shape. Ideally suited for both cut-off and contour sawing of most materials. For cutting thin materials where a fine cut is required.

Skip Tooth
Widely spaced teeth with a 0° rake angle to prevent clogging when cutting soft, non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood.

 Hook Tooth
Positive 10° rake angle helps in “dig-in”, resulting in a higher cutting rate. Recommended for long cuts into thicker wood, plastic and metal.

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